Program Guidelines

MERCHANTS AND ARTISTS for City of Aberdeen

The Program is:
Local businesses  will provide exhibition space for original art by local artists.

The Art Promotion Group (APO) agrees to promote Merchants and artists and provide:

On the Website Artists on the Map.
A brochure entitled Artist on the Map.
Window poster signifying Merchant is a participant.
A Google Map with location, hours, and current artist(s).
Merchants may link web site to their advertising.
The Art Promotion Group will seek artists to participate for businesses’ selection.  APO will serve as a resource to mediate issues that arise while participating in the program.

Merchants will:
Choose the artist, have approval rights, and provide suitable area for display of art.
Supply information to APO to use in all promotional pieces.
Display the Artists on the Map poster in a window visible to the public.
The Merchant agrees to intervene if customers abuse or attempt to handle the art and should request help from the Artist or APO if this becomes an ongoing problem.
Any artist referred by the Merchant must be reviewed by the Art Promotion Group and agree to follow the Project Guidelines.

Artists agree to:
Provide original art, and hanging or display supplies.
Artist is responsible for installation of art.
Cooperate at all times with the Merchants’ merchandising, business hours, and customer service needs.

The method used for sale of art is to be arranged and in writing at the time the Merchant and Artist agrees to work together.  It is recommended that a representative of APO be advisory and in attendance during this part of the process.

All participants agree to follow these guidelines.

Artist on the Map Contact Number:
Mery Swanson, Director of Art Promotion Group of Our Aberdeen   360 580 7438

Google Map site:

Web Site: